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Sep 24, 2019

Avination, welcome back to the Pilot to Pilot podcast. This is episode #73 featuring Mark Palm. Mark, is the co-founder of Samaritan's aviation. Samaritan's Aviation's goal is to demonstrate God’s love by providing aviation and medical services in the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea. Find out how Mark and Samaritan's aviation is making a huge impact in Papua New Guinea.

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Sep 17, 2019

Welcome back to the Pilot to Pilot podcast, this is episode 74 featuring Marlon Dayes. Marlon is a current Delta airlines MD88 pilot and in this episode we talk about...

  • How and why Marlon fell in love with aviation.
  • How a trip to Disney gave Marlon the ability to board his first flight.
  • Marlon talks about always being a mischievous kid.
  • What the aviation community is like in Jamaica.
  • Marlon talks about moving to Kingston by himself at age 11
  • Marlon left Jamaica for the States with one year left in high school.
  • Marlon was the first member of his family to go to college.
  • Marlon talks about how he was able to get scholarships to pay for University.
  • Talks about his degree at Florida Tech.
  • How he was a flight instructor his joiner year in college.
  • Marlon talks about struggles with his training and how getting his PPL was difficult.
  • How holds are the toughest part of instrument approaches.
  • How Marlon combats a pilot struggling to solo.
  • Marlon talks his aviation goals after CFI.
  • Why Marlon loved Delta so much.
  • Marlon talks about his life as a regional pilot.
  • Marlon talks about being burnt out as a regional pilot.
  • Why Marlon chose to get his application professionally looked at.
  • Marlon talks about the interview process at Delta.
  • Marlon was hired at Delta at age 24!
  • Marlon talks about how flying the MD88 made him a much better pilot.
  • Marlon talks about bidding away from the MD88.
  • Why October 3rd is a big day for Marlon.
  • Marlon talks about his dreams of giving back.
  • The importance of not getting too comfortable.

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Sep 10, 2019

Pilot to Pilot podcast episode 73 FT. Tuskegee Airmen: Lt. Col. Harry Stewart.

What is going on Avination?! Welcome back to the Pilot to Pilot podcast. Today, I am talking with WWII Tuskegee Airmen Lt. Col. Harry Stewart. In this episode Lt. Col. Harry Stewart and I talk about.

  • Why Lt. Col. Harry Stewart wanted to get into aviation.
  • How Laguardia used to be called North Beach Airport
  • How some aviation legends led Lt. Col. Harry Stewart to dream towards the sky.
  • How there was a limited opportunity for Lt. Col. Harry Stewart to become a pilot.
  • Six months before World War II the Air Corps was willing to train African Americans as pilots.
  • How all training was supposed to be segregated.
  • Where and why Tuskegee was started.
  • Why the military wouldn’t let African Americans become pilots.
  • How there was no way they could create a segregated training environment.
  • Lt. Col Harry Stewart talks about the greatest irony to segregation.
  • We talk about what the environment was like in training.
  • Why instructors came to Tuskegee?
  • How his parents reacted when he was selected to go to Tuskegee.
  • Lt. Col Harry Stewart talks about life growing up in NY.
  • Talks about the warning His parents gave him about going south.
  • How Lt. Col. Harry Stewart had his eyes on the prize (becoming a pilot)
  • Lt. Col. Harry Stewart talks about fulfilling his dream of flying for the first time.
  • Lt. Col. Harry Stewart goes into great detail about his training in WWII.
  • How he received his wings before he could fly a plane.
  • Did he ever feel overwhelmed in his training?
  • Talks about the pressure he was under while in his training.
  • Lt. Col. Harry is Stewart flew 43 missions in WWII.
  • Lt. Col. Goes into extreme detail about a few dogfights.
  • How Lt Co. shot down three airplanes.
  • Lt. Col. Explains what Mission Whiskey is.
  • How bomber pilots became very appreciative of the red tails.
  • Talks about a day when 25 bombers had to divert to their field.
  • Where the name Tuskegee airmen came from
  • Talks about Tuskegee airmen winning the first Top Gun competition.
  • Lt. Col. Talks about being a huge part of integration and the end of segregation.
  • How once the war ended Lt. Col Harry Stewart had to come back to the same Jim Crow America he left 
  • Lt Col talks about life after WWII and how he wasn’t able to continue his aviation career because of the color of his skin.
  • Lot Col. Harry Stewart talks about how great it was to see two African American pilots that were also women.

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Sep 3, 2019

What is going on avination? Welcome back to the Pilot to Pilot podcast episode 72 ft. Dianna Klein. Dianna has accomplished a lot in her aviation career, she is a 787 Dreamliner pilot and a C5 pilot in the Air Force Reserves. All while being a wife, mom and very active in her local community.

Some of the things Dianna and I talk about are...

  • Dianna talks about why she got into aviation
  • How her dad never pushed aviation on her.
  • Why Dianna's military aviation career didn’t go as planned.
  • Why Dianna chose Embry Riddle for her flight school.
  • Why Dianna felt bad for her mom at sometimes in her training.
  • How Dianna was able to leave early from high school to fly.
  • Why Dianna wanted to go to the Air Force Academy to learn how to flying fighters.
  • When Dianna knew she caught the aviation bug
  • Dianna talks about being very focused on her training.
  • Dianna talks about struggling with math with the SAT.
  • Dianna didn’t let a setback deter her aviation dreams.
  • Why it is important to have your own board of personal directors.
  • Dianna talks about how 9/11 affected her and her family.
  • How Dianna built her time.
  • We talk a little bit of the struggle of building your time.
  • Dianna talks about getting hired by American Eagle.
  • How Dianna was always pursuing the Air Force Reserves
  • Dianna talks about her military flight training and how she loved it.
  • The importance of being financially aware as a pilot.
  • Talks about her dreams and goals personal and aviation-related.
  • The importance of learning to say no.
  • How important it is to ask for help when you need it.
  • We talk about the importance of getting more women into aviation.
  • What needs to be done to get more aviators to get into aviation.
  • Dianna talks about her sons thinking about aviation.
  • What it is like to fly the C5.
  • She talks about the difficulties his husband had transitioning from fighter pilot to an airline pilot.
  • She talks about the importance of teamwork in aviation (military and civilian).
  • Dianna talks about some emergency situations in the C5.
  • The kinds of missions Dianna would fly as a C5 pilot.
  • Dianna talks about working on the management side of United while being a line pilot.
  • What it is like to work 9 days a month.
  • What her future looks like at United... Possible management or stay as a line pilot.
  • Dianna faces the rapid-fire section.

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