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Aug 27, 2019
Avination, welcome back to the Pilot to Pilot podcast. Today, I am talking with Tyson Weihs, the co-founder and CEO of ForeFlight. This episode has been #interviewgoals since I started the podcast two years ago. So, to have the ability to sit down with Tyson and talk about ForeFlight was a great experience. Tyson was very open about ForeFlight, we talked about the beginning, where they are now and what the future of ForeFlight holds.
On Tuesday, August 27 I'm going to post this live to everyone as well as a giveaway announcement. ForeFlight will be giving away THREE gift cards that can be used on existing or new ForeFlight accounts. All you have to do is follow @pilottopilot and @teamforeflight onInstagramm, and comment on my post your favorite part of the episode.
What Tyson and I talked about...
  • Why Tyson stumbled into a career in aviation.
  • How the dot com crash led to a career in aviation.
  • Tyson had a fascination with aviation as a younger kid.
  • Flying flight simulators at a younger age.
  • Tysons grandfather was a bombardier on a B-24 in the Pacific.
  • Tyson talks about how aviation went from an idea in the back of his head to a career.
  • Tysons training was start and stop.
  • Why Tyson decided to switch flight schools during his private pilot training.
  • Why it is important to find a stable operation when looking for a flight school.
  • The importance of finding a good instructor and how they are a huge factor in the quality of your training.
  • It took Tyson four years to get his PPL.
  • Other struggles Tyson had during his training.
  • Why Sheppard air was life changing for Tyson and I.
  • Why Diamond is one of the best first airplanes to own
  • We talk about aerial survey flying in Texas with no air conditioning.
  • Tyson talks about his type ratings and training.
  • We talk about differences in a type rating training vs regular training.
  • Tyson talks about some maintenance issues while flying.
  • Why Tyson likes to fly with a second pilot.
  • We talk about Tysons goals for his flying career.
  • How ForeFlight has evolved with their own personal flying needs.
  • I asked Tyson if he wishes he had ForeFlight while he was training.
  • We talk about how ForeFlight has helped make aviation safer.
  • We goin into the history of fo ForeFlight.
  • What would ForeFlight be without the iPad.
  • ForeFlight was one time the most expensive app in the App Store.
  • How Apple talked with ForeFlight about how they were too expensive.
  • ForeFlight started out as a hobby and only worked on nights and weekends
  • When they knew ForeFlight was sustainable for full time employment.
  • Started with three owners of the business.
  • How was ForeFlight initially received by the public.
  • Why ForeFlight had doubts by the general public when it was first released.
  • Tyson talks about his big vision for ForeFlight.
  • Would there be a ForeFlight if Tyson didn’t have that one job in South Carolina.
  • How ForeFlight determines what new features come out,
  • Are there any features that surprised Tyson on whether they would be more popular or less popular than though.
Good Luck and Happy Flying,
Aug 20, 2019

We lost a member of the aviation community a few weeks ago. Please head to ISWAPand consider donating to the Francesca Norris scholarship.

Avination, welcome back to episode 70 of the Pilot to Pilot podcast. Today, I am talking with Christina Brown who is the founder and creator of Aviation Wellness. Aviation Wellness is something that needs to be talked about in aviation, I hope this episode can be a step in the right direction and helping aviators take care of themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  • How Christina ran into my dad at the airport.
  • How Christina originally had no interest in getting into aviation
  • Christina's dad is an airline pilot.
  • Christina used to work as a private yacht stewardess.
  • Why she switched from yachts to planes.
  • What Christina's first flight was like as a flight attendant.
  • What is more luxurious, a private plane or private yacht?
  • How a flight attendant has to be good at reading body language.
  • How corporate aviation was the next logical step.
  • Christina talks about pilots from a flight attendants perspective.
  • How many passengers does Christina serve at one time?
  • We talk about the private aviation industry and schedules.
  • Christina talks about Aviation Wellness and why she started this community.
  • How to reset your thoughts on health and wellness.
  • Why creating a Facebook page was the first step.
  • We talk about how mental issues can be taboo in the aviation industry.
  • Why it's hard to make healthy decisions when you are tired.
  • The first step to change is believing that you can.
  • The difficulties of living in a world of instant gratification.
  • What Christina has learned from creating Aviation Wellness.
  • Christina's ultimate goal for Aviation Wellness.
  • The power of not knowing that you are alone in your struggle.
  • The importance of talking about your struggles and flaws.
  • Comparison is the thief of happiness.
  • Accountability is huge for aviation wellness.

Thanks for listening to episode 70 of the Pilot to Pilot podcast. If you haven't already, please leave a review on iTunes and please tell all your friends to support the show on Patreon!

Happy Flying,


Aug 13, 2019

Avination, what is going on? While at EAA AirVenture I was able to sit down and talk with John and Martha for thirty minutes. I know it isn't you typical hour-long episode, but it is a jam-packed 30-minute episode.

Some of the things we talk about are...

  • Why John and Martha got into aviation
  • How a failed business led them into aviation
  • They got their private pilots license within two days of each other.
  • Martha talks about the moment she knew she loved aviation.
  • How Martha is only a little bit of a better pilot than John.
  • How John and Martha support each other in everything they do.
  • When did the Kings realize this was more than just a hobby.
  • How the Kings went from in-person courses to VHS recordings.
  • Why they were hesitant to switch up the business model. 
  • Only 4% of the US population had VCR when they made the jump to VHS.
  • The Kings considered private branded VCR’s.
  • Talk about moving from a multi-engine piston to a citation.
  • When did John and Martha realize they were on to something.
  • How they moved from selling to Flight Instructors directly to flight students.
  • John and Martha talk about their own flying.
  • How John and Martha have their blimp rating.
  • How they have flown over multiple major sporting events flying blimps.
  • We talk about the amazing things you can do in the aviation industry.
  • Martha talks about getting their seaplane rating.
  • John and Martha talk what all pilots have historically struggled with.
  • John talks about how we have improved our view on risk management in aviation.
  • We talk about the stigma around fatal aviation accidents.
  • John and Martha answer the rapid-fire questions.