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May 28, 2019

Avination, have you ever wondered what it is like to fight fires in an airplane? Well, here is your chance to find out. Some of the things Chris and I talk about are...

  • How Chris is a second generation pilot 
  • Aviation wasn’t his first career choice. 
  • Chris moved to North Carolina to pursue a career in racing. 
  • How a phone call from his dad convinced him to become a pilot. 
  • How he started out his aviation career by loading ag planes. 
  • Chris talks about timber season for ag pilots. 
  • Chris talks about his experience with the flight schools he dealt with. 
  • Chris tells a story about what you shouldn’t do as an instructor with a new IFR student. 
  • Chris talks about the struggles he had in his Instrument training. 
  • We talk about how radio coms can be difficult for a young pilot. 
  • We talk about the benefits of going on a flight to observe other students 
  • Chris talks about the goals he had while he was in his training. 
  • How and why Chris always wanted to fly in the fire industry. 
  • Chris talks about how someone can become an ag or SEATs pilot. 
  • How the ag and fire fighting industry will be needing pilots badly. 
  • We talk about pay for a fire fighting pilot. 
  • Chris talks about what fires are the worst to fight. 
  • We talk about last years horrible fire season. 
  • How Chris and I knew each other from flight school in Charlotte, NC. 
  • Chris and I both took the ATP - CTP course together. 
  • Chris talks about a day in the life of a Fire fighting pilot. 
  • We get into the most take off and landings he has had in a day. 
  • We talk about the threats they face while flying. 

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Justin Siems

May 21, 2019

Avination, this is episode 60 of the Pilot to Pilot podcast featuring Haraldur Diego aka Volcano Pilot. Haraldur and I have been trying to get this podcast recorded for a very long time. I was first introduced to Haraldur by Noah (@thectflyguy) and Pilot Maria. With only spending a few minutes on his Instagram page I knew he was someone that could inspire the Avination.

In this episode, Haraldur and I talk about...

  • Haraldur talks about how and why he got into aviation.
  • Why Haraldur told himself that he could never become a pilot.
  • What Haraldur’s original goals were when he started his training to become a pilot?
  • Why Haraldur thought he was in over his head when training to become a pilot.
  • How you comparing yourself to others isn’t the best decision.
  • How Haraldur’s wife told I’m why it is a bad idea to compare yourself to others.
  • Everyone has their own struggles and demons. 
  • We talk about how unforgiving Iceland's weather can be.
  • Haraldur talks about getting back into aviation after he quit.
  • Why Haraldur moved to Denmark for an aviation job.
  • How September 11 changed Haraldur’s career plan.
  • How Haraldur didn’t give up after 9/11 and still looked into becoming an airline pilot.
  • Haraldur was able to find another career path that kept him involved with the aviation industry.
  • We talk about how Haraldur has helped influence the aviation industry with his Instagram account.
  • I talk about how I don’t think I am a real pilot because I don’t fly a 737 or a heavy aircraft.
  • We talk about general aviation in Iceland.
  • Haraldur and I talk about how we are finding the romance of aviation again.
  • Haraldur shares some stories about flying in Iceland.
  • How 777 pilots dream about flying GA through Iceland.
  • How we as an industry of done a terrible job of promoting the fun of aviation. 
  • How a photography friend convinced Haraldur to join Instagram.
  • Rapid fire with Haraldur.
May 14, 2019
Avination, welcome back to episode 59 of the Pilot to Pilot podcast featuring Gene Reynolds. Gene has pretty much seen it all as a helicopter pilot. He has flown in the army (special ops) and as a civilian pilot in many facets. 
  • Some of the main topics Gene and I talk about are...
  • How the movie Top Gun led him to want to become a military pilot
  • How a medical issue messed up his flight slot for the military.
  • How and why he joined the warrant officer flight program.
  • Talk about the differences between military training vs civilian.
  • How Helicopters don’t naturally want to fly.
  • We talk about what happens when you fall behind in military helicopter training.
  • Why we need high-quality CFI’s to stay as a CFI.
  • Gene talks about his deployments
  • Gene shares some war stories.
  • Gene talks about how he had TEN tours in the military.
  • Gene talks about flying Special Ops.
  • We talk about how someone can make a career in commercial helicopter flying.
  • Gene talks about the path to getting your dream helicopter job.
  • Talk about the importance of maintaining networking and not burning any bridges.
  • Talks about mentoring military helicopter pilots on how to transfer into the civilian world.

Happy Flying,


May 7, 2019
Avination, welcome back to the Pilot to Pilot podcast episode 58 featuring Reed Chuda. Reed is a currently building his time as an FO on the mighty PC12 aka baelatus. Some of the things we talk about on today's episode are.
  • His Grandpa flew bombers in the Army.
  • Reed’s brothers is a fighter pilot in the Navy.
  • How aviation skipped a generation in their family.
  • Reed talks about his support system while training.
  • How the University of North Dakota flying camp helped Reed realize this is what he actually wanted to do.
  • What a flying summer camp is actually like.
  • How a flying summer camp can help you get ahead in your flying career.
  • Does Reed recommend future pilots going to summer camps?
  • How he made friends forever at that week-long aviation camp.
  • Reed talks about his experience at a non-aviation college.
  • What Reed was specifically looking for when choosing a college.
  • How important it is to visit schools to figure out if it is a good fit.
  • Reed talks about his training.
  • Reed talks about his favorite study books.
  • Why Reed chose Survey flying over CFI.
  • What I liked about flying aerial survey.
  • How to choose your survey job.
  • How Reed found a non-sketchy survey job.. which is rare.
  • A story about my experience flying aerial survey.
  • How I made $25,000 my first year flying professionally
  • What Reed’s goals are for his future.
  • Why Reed scheduled Regional interviews when he wasn’t flying for survey.
  • Reed talks about his side job.
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May 1, 2019

Avination, welcome back to the Pilot to Pilot podcast episode 57 featuring Jim Sorsby aka Captain Moonbeam. Jim has an incredible story and it is one that you will not want to miss. Avination, I need your help, I want to get this podcast in as many pilots ears as possible. Make sure you are sharing this with all your aviation friends!

Some of the things Jim and I talk about are...

  • How Jim got hooked on Aviation. 
  • Why Jim convinced himself aviation was too expensive. 
  • Jim was 28 when he started his training. 
  • Took Jim took Jim 2 years to get his PPL  
  • What Jim did to make money before he became a pilot. 
  • Why Jim quit his day job with only his PPL. 
  • How and why Jim quit regionals. 
  • Why it is important pilots know the history of aviation hiring. 
  • Jim doesn’t believe someone should pay for a type rating. 
  • Jim talks about working full time while he was training 
  • Jim talks about failing two check rides. 
  • Talks about an examiner voluntarily turning in his ticket. 
  • What Jim's mentality was like after he failed his first check ride. 
  • How a failed check ride is nothing more than a learning experience. 
  • How people create their own limitations. 
  • Network, network, network 
  • How a lot of jobs never make it to job boards. 
  • Talks about the different types of flying Jim has done in his career. 
  • Jim lists about every plane that he has ever flown. 
  • We find out why Jim made his Youtube channel 
  • Why Jim still has to force himself to make sure he films himself in his videos. 
  • Jim answers your questions. 
  •  We talk about being careful about building your time 

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Happy Flying,