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Apr 23, 2019

Avination, welcome back to the Pilot to Pilot podcast episode 56 featuring LIFT Academy. Find out how you can not only get a guaranteed job as a CFI to build time but a guaranteed FO job at Republic Airways. If that is something that appeals to you than you are going to want to check out this episode!

Some of the things we talk about are...

  • Make sure their pilots are airline ready when they are done. 
  • LIFT students have a guaranteed job as an FO for Republic. 
  • We talk about what happens if the economy goes down and they have too many FO's of CFI’s. 
  • Where did the vision of LIFT come from? 
  • Republic wanted to take control of their own destiny. 
  • Train their students with the same SOP’s that Republic operates. 
  • Why they chose Diamond Aircraft. 
  • Talk about how important it is to incorporate SOP in your training. 
  • What it is like to start a flight school. 
  • LIFT talks about their pitch to a student. 
  • How to appeal to a student when they have so many choices for a flight school. 
  • How students will finish their CFII in a year 
  • Do they have to interview for the FO job at Republic? 
  • Why LIFT has a different approach to selecting their students. 
  • Does LIFT accept students who have already completed some of their training? 
  •  We talk about tuition. 
  • $65,000 dollars for flight training. 
  • What would happen if someone didn’t want to be an airline pilot after completing their training at LIFT? 
  • LIFT requires a 5-year commitment to Republic. 
  • How and why being based at KIND is a huge pro. 
  •  What it is like flying during the Fed Ex/UPS rush. 

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Apr 16, 2019

Special thanks to today's sponsor LIFT Academy, check them out at flywithlift.com

What is going on Avination and welcome back to episode 55 of Pilot to Pilot podcast. Today, I am talking with Shannon aka PilotShanelly on Instagram. In today's episode, Shannon and I talk about...

  • Find out what ShaNelly got into aviation
  • Her dad flew the B52 bomber.
  • What Shannon looked for when choosing an aviation school.
  • Shannon talks about what it was like to balance athletics and flying.
  • Why Shannon's parents only wanted her to do her PPL first to see if this is what she really wanted.
  • I talk about how I made excuses during my flying training.
  • Shannon talks about the support system she had while she was in her training.
  • How her non-aviation friends thought it was really cool she was becoming a pilot.
  • Shannon talks about an instructor that gave it to her straight.
  • How Shannon felt rushed during her PPL training.
  • Shannon talks about the troubles she had with her training.
  • How Instrument training was a pivotal moment in her career.
  • How important your IFR training is.
  • Shannon talks about how consistency is very important in aviation
  • Shannon talks about how she built her time.
  • Shannon talks about the transition from CFI to regional.
  • Shannon talks about some crazy stories from her time as a CFI.
  • Shannon talks about the dynamic of a male to female cockpit when she was a CFI.
  • Shannon talks about flying wings for children.
  • Shannon talks about how she loved being a CFI.
  • We talk about how important it is to have a good CFI.
  • Shannon talks about regional life.
  • How no one prepared Shannon for the logistics of an airline pilot
  • Shannon gives three tips to a new student.
  • How no one really prepares you for the life of an airline pilot.
  • Shannon talks about how and why she applied to the majors
  • Shannon talks about the reason behind the Instagram dances.

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Apr 9, 2019

What is going on avination?! Welcome back to the Pilot to Pilot podcast episode 54 featuring Michael Mainiero. Michael is absolutely killing this whole piloting thing, he is 22 years old with 3200 hours, current in over a dozen aircraft, and was just hired by a big 121 carrier. 

Some of the things Michael and I talk about are..

  • How Michael got into aviation. 
  • How Michael put a presentation together for his Parents on why he should get flight simulator. 
  • How Michael had to talk his mom into letting him learn how to fly. 
  • Michael talks about joining young eagles. 
  • How Michael built his connections. 
  • Michael explains what Young Eagles is. 
  • How Michael was running his local Young Eagles website at 12 years old. 
  • We talk about how you can get involved with Young Eagles. 
  • How Michael is current in over a dozen airplanes at age 22. 
  • How Michael owns a partnership in a 152. 
  • How Michael was able to talk his parents into buying an airplane at age 14. 
  • Michael talks about what his training was like. 
  • How flying is very straight forward for him 
  • How Michael hated school and hated studying while training. 
  • How Michael struggled with the oral on his Instrument check ride. 
  • How Michaels CFI's assumed Michael had everything memorized  
  • I give a tip on a cheat sheet I would take into my check rides with me. 
  • Michael talks about the connections he has made and how it has helped him in his career.  
  • We talk about how you have to do everything you can to get your ratings done asap. 
  • How Michaels teachers had a love/hate relationship with him. 
  • How Michael balances getting his degree and flying. 
  • Michael talks about how aviation is double sided with the younger generation of pilots. 
  • We talk about influencers on YouTube who are doing it wrong
  • How you have to be careful about what you post on the internet, especially aviation videos. 
  • Michael talks about how he started flying with the Patriot jet team. 
  • Why Michael isn’t at a regional airline waiting for the flow to the majors. 
  • How Michael chose check airman in the King Air and a Citation X airport PIC type over the regionals. 

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Apr 2, 2019

What is going on Avination, welcome back to the Pilot to Pilot podcast episode 53 featuring David Campbell. David is 49 Private pilot who walked away from a high paying job to start his career in aviation. Some of the things David and I talk about in this episode are.

  • Why David left a $100,000 a year job to start training and learn to become a pilot.
  • How David originally went to college to become a pilot.
  • Why David didn’t finish his pilot training at Western Michigan.
  • How struggles in college and not seeing how he could pay for flying cause David to stray from his dream in college.
  • How flying has always been expensive and always will be expensive.
  • We talk about if David regrets any of the decisions he made in the past.
  • How he had a good friend who finished his training at Western Michigan and quit flying farther down the line.
  • How aviation is something that will rule your life.
  • How an annual goal sheet helped David get back into aviation.
  • David quit his job without a plan of action for whats next.
  • How he used AOPA to find a local flight school.
  • How seeing someone older than him complete his training helped David realize that it is a real possibility.
  • David and I talk about when is it too late to make the switch.
  • What to do when debating on switching careers.
  • Is it too late for you to change?
  • How it is important to make a plan when you switch careers.
  • Its not going to be an easy switch so make sure your family is okay with it.
  • The importance of using your GI bill to pay for your flight training.
  • How easy it is to make excuses to not go fly.
  • The first flight David went on after his checkered was to propose to his GF.
  • What it is like to get your PPL while you are working.
  • We talk about some things that can keep you from getting your PPL.
  • David talks about a 10 hour flight in a LSA down to the Bahamas.
  • We talk about how Foreflight has changed the game.
  • We talk challenges of owning a plane.
  • Differences between the corporate route and commercial route.

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