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Mar 27, 2019

What is going on Avination, welcome to episode #52 featuring Stan Kuliavas from Levaero Aviation. In this episode, Stan and I talk about what it is like to go to Embry Riddle without wanting to become a pilot, how he had zero interest in aviation even though his dad was involved in aviation and much more.

  • How Stan took his first intro flight.
  • How Stand is thankful his dad didn’t push aviation on him.
  • Why you have to love the process of becoming an airline pilot.
  • How your first few hundred hours really mold you into the pilot you will be later in your career.
  • We talk about what General aviation in Canada is like.
  • How Stan learned quite quickly that he didn’t want to be an Air Canada pilot.
  • How the “aviation bug” can be different for everyone.
  • Stan figured out that he wanted to fly when he wanted to, not when he had too.
  • Why Stan chose to go to Embry Riddle.
  • You can go to Riddle and not want to be a pilot.
  • How Ohio State went from wanting to get rid of their Aviation Program to wanting to keep it and build on it.
  • Did you know Embry Riddle had athletics?
  • How Stan had the bright idea to move back to Canada from Florida.
  • We talk about what it is like to work in Sales for a fractional company.
  • How it is important to always try to learn new things.
  • How you are either getting better or getting worse 
  • We talk about when the podcast started getting some traction.
  • Why it is important to put yourself out there and be vulnerable.
  • Stan talks about ocean crossing with a PC12.

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Mar 19, 2019

Avination, the Pilot to Pilot podcast is back. Episode 51 features Jason Miller from The Finer Points. I this episode Jason and I talk about.

  • Why Jason wanted to become a pilot. 
  • How Flight Simulator played a role in his passion for aviation. 
  • Jason’s initial goals when he got into aviation. 
  • Jason talks about how he got into aviation and how he didn’t know where to start. 
  • We talk about what it is like to get into aviation back in the ’90s and not having a family in aviation. 
  • How Jason quickly found out what his calling was when he was working line service. 
  • How you can have a good career in aviation no matter what route you choose. 
  • How moving to California showed him you can make a career out of instructing. 
  • We talk about why I didn’t want to be an instructor. 
  • Why it is important to not focus on flight hours when instructing. 
  • How Jason considers his instructing an art. 
  • Jason talks about what his hardest check ride was. 
  • How Jason got into an argument with his DPE about a regulation. 
  • How Jason deals with a rogue DPE. 
  • Jason gives us some secrets to passing a check ride. 
  • Why Jason doesn’t want to be an examiner. 
  • Don’t low ball your hourly rate and charge a premium. 
  • Don’t waste the debrief. 
  • We talk about whether it is smart to start brand new students with Foreflight or not. 
  • Jason talks about The Finer Points and why he started the podcast in 2005. 
  • Jason talks about the value of Youtube. 
  • How Jason handles his videos with the FAA on the watch. 
  • Why Jason thinks we are entering a “Golden age” of aviation. 
  • Jason gives three tips that every new CFI should use to become a great CFI. 
  • Why you can’t be the best and the cheapest! 

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